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Prisoners is a 2013 American thriller, mystery film. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, written by Aaron Guzikowski, starring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis., music by Johann Johannsson, cinematography by Roger A. Deakins.
Prisoners have fulfilled my desire to watch a real mystery film. I find Prisoners more of a mystery than a thriller. The story focuses on the abduction of two young girls about the age 8 in Pennsylvania and the search revealing the truth behind many missing young children.
On the day of thanksgiving Keller Dover ( Hugh Jackman) with his wife, son and little daughter Anna goes to the neighbor Frumkin and Nancy's house. That day, when Anna goes to her home with Joy Birch, the daughter of Franklin to search for the red whistle, they get abducted. Then in the wood, the search begins. Detective Loki( Jake Gyllenhaal) goes on investigating and he catches Alex Jones in the suspect R.V., suspects because that R.V. was seen parked on the road where the girls were playing on the thanksgiving day. Detective Loki questions Alex but later he was released he had the I.Q of a 10-year-old, who lives with his aunt Holly Jones. Later his aunt says that he had an accident with a snake since then he is quite like that. 

When Alex was released from custody, Keller Dover didn't like it and went to ask him directly snatching him from his aunt and media who were about to ask a question to Alex. When Dover asked angrily about his daughter, Alex replied with a low voice that the girls didn't cry until he left them. Then Dover gets caught by Police but released by the captain saying that they were going to pretend that as if that never happened because the captain knew Dover's father who works ed as a security guard. 

Day passes, still, the girls are missing, no amount of search giving any result. But Keller couldn't find after hearing what Alex said to him. He knew that Alex knew about where the girls are. So, he takes it in his hand after he failed to convince the police about what he hearsed. On that night when Dover kidnaps Alex, while he was walking his dog. Dover informs Franklin and proposes that they should torture Alex as long as he does not speak about the girls, but Franklin thought that it was wrong to do that. Dover keeps on torturing him, but he speaking nothing. Meanwhile, Detective Loki keeps on investigating the missing girls and when He went to the Father's house, Loki finds the father drunk and asleep. While searching the house, Loki finds a dead body with a round locket designed with maize. When the father was asked about it, he said that the dead body was of a man who killed 16 children and said that they were waging a war against God

Within the weak of missing, one evening, when neighbors were doing candlelight vigil, detective Loki sees a suspicious man with a hood and runs after him but he escapes anyway. But when his sketch was made and broadcasted on T.V, a girl who works in a shop says to Loki that she recognize and says that he buys children's cloth. Later, when a hooded man comes again to the shop, the girl informs Loki, and Loki finds his house from his number plate. In the house, putting Bob, hooded man handcuff, Loki search the house. The white walls are filled with maize drawings. In a room, there were several black boxes filled with children's cloth, snake and pig's blood on the cloth. Later, Loki questions Bob and finds that he was also kidnapped while he was a kid but he escaped. In Bob's house, there were books about crime, what Bob was doing was the recreation of crime maybe what he faced with when he kidnapped. In the custody, Bob keeps drawing mazes for hours, when Loki gets tired and question him harshly, other police enters the room, somehow how Bob snatches a gun from police and kill himself. 
On the other hand, Dover keeps torturing Alex.

 When Loki visits Dover's house, he finds a half-empty bag of lye and suspicion grows when Dover's wife tells Loki that he is helping the police in the search, which was, of course, a lie by Dover to his wife. Actually, Dover goes to his father's old house, where he has kept Alex. When Dover gives Alex very hot water keeping a very small box, Alex says that the girls are in the maize. But Dover thinks it as a Riddle and goes to his aunt Holly Jones's house and implies the word maize so to know if she had any idea about that

A day or two passes, Franklin's daughter, Joy Birch is found drugged when Dover asks her about Anna, Joy tells him that he was there. Hearing that Dover runs away surprising everyone, Loki seeing Dover run away, runs after him and thinks that he went to his father's house. But Dover goes to Holy Jones's house knowing that she was the one who abducted his girl. But Holy was ready and had a pistol in her hand hiding, who admitted she kidnapped his daughter. She also says that making others children disappear, which loses people's faith in God, by that she and her husband were waging war against God because their son died in cancer.

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