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Friday, February 28, 2014

Vicky,Christina,Barcelona(2008 film) by Jitu Das film reviews

Vicky, Christina and Barcelona ( 2008 film) directed and written by Woody Allen. Amazing film about love, career, the confusion that has infected the modern world. 
Woody Allen has given another masterpiece that tells about human emotion with the bizarre characters like Vicky, a girl of America who has all the desires to express her emotion but she is restless, confused and mostly unaware of what she wants to do with her life. 
Vicky and Christina, two girlfriends come to Spain for summer vacation, where they fall in love with the same painter not knowing that his ex-wife would come back to him, to the real world, making the picture even more complicated.

The films of Woody Allens are very beautiful. The colors are soft vibrant. In this film, the beauty of Spain is portrayed in a way that you would wanna go there to visit. In all films of Woody Allen, the places are beautiful and colorful. By colorful, I mean it, the green, orange, red, these colors make you just feel good. Vicky, Christina and Barcelona and midnight in Paris are like painting frames that are compiled into a film.
I would totally love to make films like the way Woody Allens, if one day I could, it would be great fun to do that.

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