Monday, 24 February 2014

How to fall in love with life by Jitu Das philosophy

Love seeks no selfish reason, it is natural and it is beyond sense and reason. Love is not just loving a specific human being or loving yourself. Love means loving LIFE itself. If you are in love with life, then just enjoy it. Loving life means you love every human being, every animal and plants. But, if you may wonder what does loving life means ? Well, I did not have any clue that I was in love with life, but maybe now I know and see it better that I am in love with life. I may see it that what does it means to love life ? It never occured to me before but now it does. 

I think now that to be in love with life means to be passionately curious about life, world and curious. You may heard or read that curiosity killed that cat. But remember that you are way much smarter and better than a cat, even though its a mammal. To be curious naturally is one of the greatest human nature. I am curious about the world and universe. I felt lonely in the beginning to be curious about life, world and uinverse. I felt lonely in the beginning to be curious about life, world and universe. But when I started reading Indian, Chinese and western Philosophy then I found that I was not alone anymore. One of the philosophers and writers( teachers) I feel gratitude for teaching me the Importance of living is Lin Yutang. Lin Yutang( 1895-1976) was a great Chinese writer. He wrote both in English and Chinese. I have read his The importance of living( 1937). He is known for his philosophical books, My country and my people( 1935) and the wisdom of China and India( 1942).

The other writers I am grateful are Leo Tolstoy, Mortimer Adler, Will Durant, Bertrand Russel, Jean Giono, Yevegeny Yevtushenk,Swami Vivekananda, Charles Dickens, William Sake spear,Materlink,Walt Whitman,Del Carnegie etc.
I am recommend to you read their writings to learn what does it means to fall in LOVE WITH LIFE.
 Love Life first to love people and the world. - J. D.


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