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Monday, February 3, 2014

Early in the morning by Jitu Das englsih poems

It was early in the morning 

I saw a dream so amazing
I was in my yard sittting, 

A dream song that I was singing

In my street, I saw you walking,
My god, towards me you were coming !
I went to the street without thinking,
I went closer to you and you were smiling,
I asked her where she was going ?
To the park, she was going,
to see the flowers blooming,
to listen to the birds singing,
Early in the morning, 
It was amazing,
I saw the grasses while walking,
In the grasses, dewdrops were shining,
I was watching her pretty face shining too,
In the park, through the leaves,sunlights were pouring,
She was watching the white roses blooming,
I came closer and to hold her hand, my hand war approaching,
I said that, 
I was astonished by the beauty of nature surrounding,
she told me that was exactly what she was feeling !
I was stunned by the touch of beautiful smiling,
I was wondering,in me a good feeling was rising,
even though it was cold early morning,
Then I was holding her hand, a warmth was arising.
Then we went to the bridge to see the boats rowing,
I told her that
it was beautiful and heart warming,
like listening to folk song singing,
She said that she love folk songs. 
In the north, the hills were calling,
there was something spiritual in nature surrounding,
Everything that is nature,in it there is joy of shining,
There was a shining in her smiling,
It was an amazing morning, 
Above us there was clear blue sky gleaming,
Then the sun started shimmering,
the minute the roosters were awake, started Cuckrookooing,
No more soft cold breeze was blowing,
not anymore we were not shivering,
Thus it started my day with early in the morning,
Sun rising high,but the birds were still singing,
Early in the morning, the birds welcome a new day by singing,chirping,
I told her about what I felt that morning,
I told her how glad I was,to spend with her this beautiful early morning. 
Then we aparted,hoping to meet in tomorrow jogging !

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