Rain poems by Jitu Das English poems

I was weary, last night in my mind,
there was a thousand stories were told,
There was this story of a village, where the old women had crocodile as pets,
all these nightmares about what not, was wearing my mind,
Then in the morning,  someone opened the window,

A pale light came through my room,
after a while, a breeze came slowly,
and touched my body
Then the breeze turned into wind, 

I opened eyes and looked through the window, there was a sky filled with black cloud.
I closed my eyes again and felt the chilling breeze.

Then I heard the song playing outside,  the roof teens were
amplifying the song.
It was the rain song, that soon freed me from these strange dreams.
I felt good about myself despite my mind was aching.
It was a restless night but in the morning,  I could hope again.
It was the rain poured from the heaven,  that has brought me back to a natural life.

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