Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Life, complete understanding of human life by Jitu Das Philosophy

Life is a journey, not a destination. We live and die, there is no way out of it.  This life gives us everything, good and bad. Life does not give us what we want, life gives what we deserve. Real life is very mysterious. In real life, good things happen to bad people and bad things happen with good people, but ofcourse its rare.
In life, you born, then you  are brought up with hard labour of your parents, then you grow up, and you become a toddler from an infant in 13 month, then you learn to talk ma, deuta, dada. Then you learn to walk, you fall down in every step, but your family keeps you inspiring and helping, and finally you learn to walk, then you become ready to lower primary( l.p)  and you become 3 years old and you are sent to the local school, and from that day kind of start to remember , I mean your brain starts to store new memories, and after 20 years you would have fragments of the years when you were before 5 years old. Your whole early l.p days are just now  would sum up in 10 mimutes.
Then after l.p you enter m.e, now you start to store the memories  for life time. You learn learn to write your mother language and an other two or 3 languge. Well, I learned my mother language Assamese, then there was 3 more language, Hindi, Sanskrit and English,
what about these years ? In these years whenever you go out with your parents, you find that people asks your name ? And curiously , you tell your name delightly, people would kiss your cheeks like you are  a cake, I hated that. There was an uncle who used to pinch my cheek, I hated him.
So, when you are younger than a ten years old, you live in a very small world, you live with an constant curiosity then. You keep asking what is this ? What is that ? And in school , you start to learn about math, in math you learn to add, divide, multiply. You learn about your country. You start to read stories, grammer and every year,  they come up with a an advanced version and then you go to high school with this way. Everything goes well with high school, except some fights with your classmates, if you are an ideal kid, all mothers want but trust me, idealism would make you an introvert, and you will end up not expressing yourself. I believe  that whole idea of being human is to express yourself in your own way.

After high school you go to higher secondary,you get the feeling of freedom, somehow this freedom feels good,no more rules of schools,there will be no teacher to shout on you, the  professors, lecturers  don't even care even you don't go college,. it does not matter no more. So much freedom. As you get used to the freedom, then a feeling comes, it came to my mind, that is why I am saying. The feeling was a question ! The question was a doubt, whether I will become a doctor or not, I have always wanted to  become  a doctor, my parents, friends of my parents , relatives they used ask what I want to become when I grow up big ?I used to tell them that I am going to be a doctor. But somehow, deep inside my mind, I have always  heard  a small hardly distinct voice that says I would like to be a writer, when I was a kid,I always wanted to write poems, I did not even what is this really ? I used to find poems getting published by the kids of my age and I used to wonder how they do it ? I have read or heard somewhere that to write poetry, you have to sit beside a window, and see the outside world and then write them down. One day I sat beside a window,alas ! it  did not worked, but now I can not stop thinking, mostly beautiful things, about writing

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