What happens when you get angry by Jitu Das Psychology

Its a feeling like you are in a prison. You only suffer. Being angry is worst feeling.One who gets angry  loose sense of humor. When you get angry, you become serious.
  1.  Your mouth get closed and teeth gets together like when you bite, except there is nothing in the middle.
2. Your heart pups fast.
3. Your breath becomes short and fast.
4. Your ears get hot. Its like suddenly there is a fire within you.You see that , its not the  fire of passion,that will uplift you as a human being,its the fire of anger,thats burns all over you.
4. You get tired,because being angry involves many physical changes in your body.Any physical change needs energy.So,it seems that you don't get tired being, but you get tired when you get angry.Its just when you fear, your heart beating fastens, you breath becomes short a nd fast, you shiver, for all these changes, your body needs energy. Thats why you get tired.
5. When you get angry your head becomes warm. You strts to feel a little headache in your frontal lobe,with a heavey heart beat.
6.It feels like a heavy burden in your heart and it does not take the name going.
7. When you are angry, please observe how you are feeling in your mind and body.Do you know cause why you are angry, are you angry with someone.

What makes you angry ??

There could many reason ,you are angry. No one wishes to be angry.But its the other people and things that makes you angry.

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