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How choices makes you who you are by Jitu Das

       If you think your parents and your environment is completely responsible for who you are, you are wrong. Actually its all about the choices you made from your childhood that made you who you are so far. Always remember,its the coices that changes your life. Make choices that  will fufil your interest. before making any choices think,is this choice gonna make you feel proud or good in future or not ? For example If you know that studying would make your future better,then study. 

One of the most important thing we all neglect is our own instincs, believing your instincts is also a huge part of believing yourself. Everytime you feel, you will just when you feel something, act on that feeling( this feeling is also called inner enlightment, having an idea ) which will lead you to something good. When you go with the flow of feelings, ideas, instincts you never regret, you always get something great that make you feel like ,I am glad that I went with my instincts.

Your instincts are always helping you, When you trip,your both hands go downward to save your chest,abodomen,in simple instincts saves your body from the fall.Well, instinct is called reflex action in biology.

 There is two type of instincs we have, one is inborn instincs and the other is acquired instincs. Born instincs are all your unlearned knowledge and the acquired  instincs is learned or acquired. So, when you see a perfomomance of a guitarist, pianist  or a great vocalist, what do you say ? Many peolple  would say he is god gifted.But no one knows how much that guitarist had practiced. 

The best example of Acquired instincs is everything we learn to do. Just because these instincs are earned that does not mean they don't become natural for us. Eating food, walking, cycling, riding byke, driving car, writing,typing,speaking ,acting, lying, not believing, not believing, hoping, not hoping, all the good things, all the bad things are all there.

It still depends on your choices, what do you want to acquire ? There is love or there is haterd everywhere,its all upto you, what do you want ? If you want love, then earn it.Infact that makes sense, how could there will be Unconditional love, A mother won't love his children if they don't respect her or if they do drugs. Why would a boyfriend can love his girlfriend, when she is cheating him ? thats does not make any sense. 

For love there should be a condition, because condition or the situation creates our reaction or feelings towards the people, if that does not  satisfy our basic expectations or needs,how uncondititional love is possible there ?

 Love is a good feeling towards somebody, so if someone you love hurts you or make you feel bad, you are gonna hate them, don't you ? 

Thats when comes two choices whether to ignore them totally or not .Thats how its works. No matter how many people hate you, just love yourself  enough, live happily, keep learning new things, meet new people, let the old friend go if they don't respect you or don't value you. Find people who respect you.Everything has a reason, writing all these has also a reason.

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