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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to deal with the doubts of self worth by Jitu Das

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When you feel like there is no reason to fight, remind yourself about the beauty of the world. Whenever you feel sad about that you have lost everyone you loved, remind yourself that you still have your life. Whenever you feel like there is no one who love you, look at yourself and say that you love yourself. You may have done many mistakes in your life, but regreting, being angry and mad laeds you nowhere. You have to be at peace. You can not progress without having peace in your heart.

Everyone makes mistake. To err is human. Nothing is perfect. Even the moon has its dark spots. I do not mean to be pessimist by that. I just want you to know that it is okay make mistake sometime and you can whine or regret about it all your life. Many people destroy their life by their own hand just because they have made a mistake. But destroying is easy, you can destroy yourself by drinking alcohol, taking drugs etc. But that is not the way of regreting. My friend, if you have made a mistake and now you are mad about it. In the madness of anger, you want to destroy or punish yourself. Many people go extreme just to punish themselves, they kill their own precious life. Do not ask why life is precious now ? Life is precious because it is a gate way to see, feel, learn, understand the beauty and wonder of life, world and universe. 

If you my dear friend, wish to change the sad, angry feeling caused by the mistake you have done, then do not try to escape, face the outcome boldly, come what may ! You shall not fear or be shy, for it is human to err, you will face not escape, you will take the punch not hide. You will not regret being angry to destroy yourself, you will do what you can to fix it all again, you will not worry about what if you can not, because when you are trying to achieve small or big, possible or impossible you have to begin from believing that nothing is impossible. Do not doubt your abilities, you have not idea how many talent lies within you. You just have to open your mind to see who you really are and to dream the impossible dream.

Whenever you doubt your self worth, whenever you feel like you are good for nothing, whenever you feel like that no one loves you, just remember that You are much more think you are, your worth is limitless, you are not just good, you are the best in the work your personality best matches. You are loved so much by your mother, father, brother and your friends. Do not think or expect love from everyone, it is not possible. There is always a group of people who will be jealous of any progress you make, there will be a group, who will hate you anyway. There will be a group, who will disguise as friends and hate you inside and would be happy when you fall. But you do not have to waste time worry ing about them at all, because you have the people who love truly to spend time good time with.

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