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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to deal with results of mistakes by Jitu Das

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It is harder to face the results of your mistake than to escape from the consequence. You can not escape, you must accept the yourself good or bad, weak or strong. You must accept yourself as you are at first, then you can improve yourself , train yourself and be your best you. In the process being the best of yourself, you will find a kind of peace you have never experienced before, peace comes from self honesty. Do you know what we are afraid of most ? We are afraid of being that ourselves. It is easy to be the worst of yourself, but to improve yourself in mind, body and soul takes tremendous courage.

Do you know what is the greatest battle of life ? Do you know who is your greatest enemy ? He is you. You are the greatest enemy of yourself. The greatest battle you fight in your life is with yourself. You must win yourself.
Wining yourself takes huge sacrifice of the things you want but need. What is want ? Want is something that sometimes seems like to be your need, but if you look deeper at what you want ! You will know that to have everything you want is not possible. Need is what without which we can not live or survive. Like food, cloth, shelter are 3 basic human need. But our need have increased now. We need many things. Another thing about need is that, it varies with time, person and place. Addiction is also a need that does not give any productivity just like food gives energy. What is addiction ? Addiction is a habit created by the part of mind that has no ethics.
No mattes what problems you are into. Do not panic or freak out. Everything can be managed if you work in a plan. So, firstly do not hate yourself for that you are in the midst of a problems. Just know that you can do the impossible if you believe you and you can't even do the possible if you do not believe that you can.

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