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Friday, 18 October 2013

Top animation films of all time part 1,review by Jitu Das

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1. Up( 2009) is one of the most inspiring film I have ever seen. Up inspires  you to follow your dreams.It is never too late follow your dreams as long as you are alive. The soundtrack of Up is beautiful. 

2. Epic (2013) is a  fantasy film. It zooms into the life we neglect everyday.One of the great quote of this film is '' we are all connected, many leaves,but one tree'',which means we are all connected.The plants and animals including us, we must not destroy the forests, because  when we destroy the forests we actually destroy the environment without which we can not survive. 

3. Paranorman (2012) is an unique film.It has a beautiful story and  characters  are very realistic. Paranorman is about a boy named Norman who can see ghosts everywhere.People call him freak,especially in school.But when his uncle, who can also see ghosts dies, his life changes forever.

4. Wreck it Ralph ( 2012) is amazing film.It enters into the world of retro games.It is very meaning story. A  character  named Ralph is not satisfied with his role in the game,he wishes to be the good guy. Then he gets out the game to find a game where he can be the guy who gets medal.But at the end he  realizes that he does not need a medal to tell him that he is a good guy.

5.Coraline(2012) is a very good animation film.It tells a very scary story in a beautiful way.The film is dark and gloomy. The film kind of depress the mood.But it is what the film was made for.It has beautiful soundtracks.

6. ''Marry and Max'' is a clay animation film. It tells a story about a man named Max suffering from autism and girl named Marry.They write letters to each other

7.  Megamind(2012) is a very beautiful film. Its about alien who was send to earth by his parent,who tells about his destiny, but he only hears the part, '' you are destined for........" He then seeks his destiny and get confused about what he is good at ? He was different and mistakenly he assumes that he is good at bad things.Then he makes himself a great  villein.Its a story about how he discovers his true self.

8. 9(nine) is a amazing film about human soul.A post  apocalyptic  science fiction animation.If you are fan of both animation and sci -fi, this film is right for you. The  beginning may seem boring, but it gets interesting as it continues.

9. Puss in Boots ( 2012) is a very colorful film.It is a fantasy animal film.This film is for you if you love cats, Humpty-Dumpty, magic  beans, golden eggs etc.

10.Lorax (2012) is a very beautiful film.It has a great message to everyone.It is also an inspiring animation film.

 11. Bee movie is a beautiful film.One of the most beautiful animation.

12.Happy feet is musical animation film.The penguins dance with step up style on some awesome soundtracks.

13.Despicable me(2010) is a great and unique animation film.It is unique  because  it brings out the minions, they are so  funny  and cute that you just fall in love with those and you feel bad that you do not have a minion.  Despicable me  tells to  you love your family and be a good,kind and a loving person.
 It tells you the truth that all and everything needs love. Love can make you a good person. Love of children makes your heart soft  and life beautiful.

14. Madagascar, escape to Africa( 2008) has a great comedy in it.It  has the awesome soundtracks.

15. HOW  TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON '' inspires you to follow our dreams, even if our family, friends think you can not achieve your dreams.

16. RANGO inspires you to get out of your comfort zone to get for what is always wanted to be.

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