How to deal with boredom and hardness of life by Jitu Das

It's me.

Whenever you get bored, whenever life seems hard, whenever people seem fake, whenever relationships seems like unreal, whenever love seems selfish, my friend know that your world looks and seems what your inside feels like. Whenever you doubt your self worth, you also feel like that people do not have respect for you. You must never doubt your worth, always remember that you are much more than you think you are. You can always be better than what you are. If you want to have a strong physic, the best way is to do physical activity. There are many sports you can do to make yourself strong and fit. My favourits are yoga, dancing and martial arts.

When you get bored, know that you are not there where you belong doing what you are good at doing. Sometime wonder, why people get bored ? There are so many meaningful ways to spend time. Watching films , thinking,reading good books, listening to music, dancing , walking, running, smiling, laughing, deep breathing, sleeping ,travelling, doing photography, talking, just hanging out, falling in love, loving, writing, drwaing, playing any sports, going to gym, martial arts, meditation, cooking, cleaning house, washing clothes with hand, gardening, cycling, bike riding, learning an instrument, writing a journal ...infinite.... & beyond.....

Whenever your inner voice asks you what is the meaning of life, what is the meaning of the days and night coming and go. What is the meaning of the people who also come and go? 
I think that everybody is walking on their own road of life and from each road world looks a bit different. Whenever some people come to your life, know that their road of life has brought them near to your road. Do you ever wonder, why can't she or he understand what I feel, what I see. I told each and everyone is walking their own road, how could they understand the feelings you get from living your life. Well some people might understand what you feel, what you want to say, it is because they choose walk a similar road as you do. When I chosed to write here, some people inspired me. That is how the world works, we are never alone. We have family, friends, society. 

So, the question can we chose the road of life we would walk in life. Yes, you can chose to walk any road you want to. It is easy to chose any road to walk, but its not easy to chose the right road of life that will take you destiny. My dear friend,by destiny I do not mean death. I believe that destiny should be the complete realisation of who you have become from what you were. And I believe that a successful life is that life, in which you discover your true nature and walk the road, from where you see beauty in every thing. That is why you should walk the road life seems beautiful. 

Live your life being your true self with confidence trusting yourself. Trust yourself completely. Surrender to your innerself. Have no doubt in your heart about who you are.

Meaning of life is to enjoy every second, every hour and every day of life being who you really are. If you are worrying about the meaning of life,then stop worrying and search for a meaning. If you have not yet found out a a meaning, then use of imagination, read great books, watch great films, listen great musics, I am sure you will find a meaning to live everyday with peace and harmony.

What is peace ? Peace is mainly being satisfied with your own work and others work. Peace having a healthy body and healthy mind. There is great assamese saying, " pet val mane sakolo val" ( it means -if stomach is well,then everything is well". Where do I find my peace ? I find peace mainly in home with family, watching the beauty of nature everywhere, writing, reading good books, watching films, listening to musics of guitar, cello, piano, violin, listening to country music, soft rock, alternative rock, blues, some classic jazz, sleeping, Cycling in the evening in my town checking out the people living their life. 

Whenever life seems hard, know that the hardness is a sign that you are not living your life the right way. So, do not take granted for the hardness of life, because life is not supposed. Life is a part nature. Look at nature and how she keep the balance and connects every elements of the universe to each other in infinite ways. The events of nature happens beautifuly, smoothly and with rhythm. Our life is supposed to flow itself without any hardness.

Someone asked me a year ago, why life is so hard ? I could not answer it that time. I thought about it, and now I think I have found something as an answer. I think that life becomes hard when we try to control the good impulse doubting them. Life is natural, nature means flow of energy from one from to another. Our life also tends to flow naturally. Your life wants to be easy, but doubt, fear and pride gets in the way. When you doubt the flow of instinct or impulses, you resist your own nature. By not following the impulses, you imprision your true nature.

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