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Friday, 18 October 2013

How to become curious and make life young & beautiful by Jitu Das

I am good today. Weather is shiny,sky is light blue and in the comforting. A new season is heading to India. That is winter. Winter is amazing. It cold, dusty, but winter has its beauty. I think that winter unites people, when people gather to warm up near fire. In our state Assam, winter means the days of many festivals. From 10 to 18 October, these days are holiday. The festival is about celebrating the Durga puja(prayer), Durga is a Hindu goddess, she is a goddess of war. When I studied Greek literature, I found that the Greek goddess Athena is similar to Durga. 
These 8 days my college is off. I have been watching films, visiting the relatives home, visiting the festivals. 
Other than that I am studying Bio statistics one hour day. 

But that is not all. It has been 4 days since I am home. My days are going just easily. I wrote a quote this year, " when you will know yourself truly, there will be no stress, no anxiety and worry. It is true. I know now what I should seek in life. What should I want in my life ?, this question was biting me like mosquito. Do you know what I hate most in this world ? It is the mosquito's. The answer to that question is peace. I should want peace in life most of all. You may also ask, well many friends asks me, what do I write, they say that they do not understand what I write. Then I wonder, did I wrote some complex words or what ? I wonder what is the part they do not understand, because I write simple words, simple sentences to manifest my thoughts and philosophy. I guess the part they do not understand about my writings is that why in the world I am writing all these, since I should be like them, act like them. May be I do not wanna grow in that way. I do not think growth depends on what you eat and drink. It is my youth. What a man wants in his youth. In youth a man wants to fall in love like the hero of the novel or film he admire. In youth a man wants to be strong and be a leader. In youth, a man wants to everything and also gets confused about what he really want. Because in youth every thing looks beautiful. Well, youth is not only about the young age. Youth is about dreaming, seeing beauty in the nature surrounding him, youth is about having a curious mind. Youth depends on your curiosity. Curiosity ? Curiosity about what ?

I am talking about the curiosity about life. Curiosity about life makes you young. Of course curiosity about death, would lead you to death. Remember that, what you think, you also feel. If you think good, you would feel good. If you want to feel nothing then think about nothing. Can anyone do that ? Well I have seen trained Buddhist monk do that. They just control their mind and body.
Curiosity about life makes you love life more. If you somehow once fall in love with life, then you will always love life. When you will love life, you will love the people, the trees, the sunshine, flowers, day and night, the seasons. Everything in nature will reveal its beauty to you and then you will see a more beautiful world. I think that each person or animals sees the world in a different. I used to watch the birds( kites) flying or gliding high in the sky at midday or afternoon and still I watch them. I used to think that they are having a good time flying around. Since I have major in Zoology, now I know that they glide in search of prey. They have much more sharp eyes than us. They have a pachytene, a black tissue in their eyes, which makes them able to see the objects that lies far away. We had a practical about it. One of the reason I took Zoology as my major is because I love life, I am curious about life. That is what make me think about life more and more. So, my curiosity was that what should a man do in his life, what should a man want in his life ? 

That is why I started reading the books about life. The books I read about life are : -
1. The importance of living by Lin Yutang
2. How to stop worrying and start living by Del Carnegie 
3. The stories of Tolstoy
4. The blue bird by Maeterlinck
5. The man who planted trees by Jean Giono
6. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
7.Walden by Henry david thourough.
8. Walking by H.D. T.
9. Wings of fire by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
10. An idealist view of life.
11. Jane Eyer
12. Autobiography of Charles Darwin.
13. Yevgeny Yevtushenko's autobiography. 

I have watched much more films than I have read books. If you want to what books I keep in my desk ? Then I would say that I keep the first 5 books. 
Well, the question, some of my friends ask me is that what do I write ? I write in simple way, why don't you read it ? You will understand easily.

. I believe that we are here for a little time in our earth, even though average Indian man live about 70 years+. 
We should cherish our moments, relationship as we live.
I was searching for the meaning of life. Then I learned that, out of all meaning, enjoying every moment of life with people who you love and who love you back. It is very important that you find mutual love. I now believe that You should have a work that gives you peace more than money and  glamour.

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