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Friday, October 18, 2013

Lone Ranger( 2013), Zoro,Hidalgo,The last Samurai, a review by Jitu Das

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Today I watched " Lone ranger" .After many years of watching an outlaw, today I get to see it again. Its a decade( 10 years ago) back I first watched the cartoon The mask of Zoro, who wear a black mask in his eyes, a black hat, a black horse and black clothes and he had a shining, sharp sword. He was brave. He fought against the corrupt bureaucrats, kings. He was an outlaw, he was a hero fighting to give justice to people. Zoro was my hero when I was a kid. Then in 2005, I watched the film - The mask of Zoro, beautiful film, sword fighting against the corrupt king and his army, it was thrilling, exciting to watch that film. Beside the actress " Catherine Zeta zones was very young and beautiful in that film. The Zoro character was played Antonio Berdanes, a great actor. Anthony Hopkins played the role of former king who was also the Zoro before. Anthony Hopkins is a great actor. I have seen his many films- Proof, The silents of the lamb, Instinct,Wolfman, The fastest Indian in the world, Thor etc. 
Today evening when I was watching " Lone Ranger", I felt an old good feeling again. Lone Ranger, the character was created by Frank Striker. The lone ranger is one of the top film of 2013. The lone ranger character is played by Armie Hammer and the partner of lone ranger is an Indian, played by Johny Deep. The lone ranger is directed by Gore Verbinski( director of - The ring, The pirates of the Caribbean, Rango) 

The lone ranger is a beautiful film. It was not a box office hit. I think, may be two reason- the critics made the film look like a loony film, I just do not understand what these so called critics of rotten tomato think they are. Its easy to criticise than to make a movie. No film is perfect, this film has its own faults too.

The Lone ranger has two great parts- the first 50 minutes and the last 30 minutes. This film is about a lawyer becoming a lone ranger, an outlaw, an Indian, who vows to kill the Windigo( an evil spirit). This film tells how the white man killed the American  indian people in the name of progress. I felt bad when I saw the history of mankind coloured with blood. I felt sad when I saw the helplessness of the Anglo Indians in front of the guns and rifles of the white people.
I saw such scene in the film " Hidalgo" too. Hidalgo is a very beautiful film, I would recommend this film as a must watch film before you die.
The last scene or the train scene of the lone ranger is just awesome. I have not seen such adventurous train scenes better than the mission impossible 1 train scene, spiderman 2 train scene and Man in black train scene. 
Johny Deep is a great actor. He played his role amazingly. I just love Johny Deep. He is truly great. With his voice, face and gesture, he creates beautiful humour & sentiments.

The soundtrack of the lone ranger is created by great composer Hans Ziemer. If you have seen the film , The last Samurai ( a related film with this one. Where a lieutenant who killed many American Indians, regrets afterwards and try to escape the nightmares by wine and then his life changes entirely when he goes to Japan). The way of life is a great music in that film, it just touch my heart.

When I started to the ask the question - who am I ? My life is changed. I started to think more, started to learn more and more. My curiosity began to rise high. The questions about life, world and universes gathered in my mind. I think that the best way to learn is through films and documentaries. Your life start to change to a deep life when you become curious. If you are curious that means you are alive. Curiosity makes life beautiful and rich. Curiosity should be strong, like a fire always burning in your heart. You must be hungry to know more, to feel more.

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