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What is your self worth ? by Jitu Das

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Sometime in life you may lose what you love most, but do not be angry on yourself, do not be hard on yourself. Keep hope to find again what you have just lost. You will find it again oneday. If you have cheated by someone, do not think that you are responsible for this.
Sometime in life things go wrong accidently, we can not control accident at first time, but mistakes, accidents they teach us too, to be careful in the next time.
When you feel like you have nothing, you have got no speciality, you are actually fooling yourself. Always remeber when you lose the sight of self worth that YOU ARE MUCH MORE THAN YOU AND OTHERS CAN SEE. Believe the fact that you are more than this, you are better than what you are being. Being is what your work and behavior is. You should not change entirerly from place to place, people to people. Be one self, but be at ease with anyone. Be oneself, but be comfortable with any situation. Train yourself to fit any situation. You do not have to live in a place you do not like or be with people that you do not like. But do not look at people as they are meant to understand who you are, what you want just by sight. It takes conversation to know each other.