Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Meaning Of Life by Jitu Das


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1.  Its just one of the  greatest  mystery of all time in the history of mankind .Still it is a mystery. But meaning is not what constitutes a living or our life. The question Meaning of life leads us to an another question - what is the purpose of our life ?

In this way many question comes one by one and they get piled up, and they look at me with their curious big eyes, but I stay silent and they get  disappointed  again. when I think of this questions, suddenly my mind wakes up and help me think, but I have not acquired as much knowledge, as much it might need to  explain  the purpose of life or may be there is no meaning at all and that is why for this confusion I can neither become a religious man nor an atheist.

2. I think there is more to learn, more to see, we as a mankind are yet to decide what is reality and all other questions like what happened before big-bang, where is everything, the space, universe and all the things, and if these are all in a  multi verse , then where the  multi-verse  is ? I do not hope to find satisfaction in the answers by the  religions , but I do like moral advices of religions, but I do not  believe  in magic,  believing   magic  is like believing in superstitions, I know that magics are amazing and wonderful, we all want to believe it,but it is an great work of illusion or a creative art that amuses people by illusions,puzzles and secrets.

But  superstitions  are not sholud be believed at al, for they cause life of people. For example, the witch is a fiction or superstitions,In India, and other many tribes, believe in witch. In some uneducated  villages  of India.when a woman becomes a widow, she become lonely,for she is prohibited to wear new cloths, jewelery etc,when someone gets sick in the village,she is always suspected,the widow one. and she can accused of being a witch, and she will be killed by the people of village for the goodness of the village. In last two or three years, many bodo women were killed as a witch in Assam.

For these reasons,belief is something that can cause death. People who believe in God also believe in ghosts, fairies and witch. For that belief many women are being burned alive or cut into pieces. These are all happening in my country India and this is all because of improper or no education.

3. Life has no meaning at all, In these last two years I was searching for the meaning of my life.But I found that life has no one meaning. Since our knowledge as a mankind is still not enough how the universe was created, by big bang or something else.  Scientist  says from a single tiny point,the universe was created,so after the big-bang many million years passed by, and now we are here,on planet earth of a solar system.But if we ask what was before big-bang and singularity ? we have only theories. But theories are  hypothesis that  are should be examined to be true.

.For example,  Einstein  said that the light coming from sun is bended in solar eclipse,and it was  proved  after. So the thing is that, the universe is so big that, we can not even imagine how big its is. So,we can not say anything for sure ! But that does not mean we should not keep questioning about the universe.For this immense curiosity of mankind, our life is beautiful, filled with knowledge and comfort.True scientist do not argue whether there is a god or not ? because we all know everything has a source, so where does the source of energy comes from ? 

4.For us Sun is the source of all our energy in earth and in whole solar system. But, where does sun gets the energy from ? Its  from hydrogen burning to helium, that produce  immense  energy.You should know that hydrogen comprises the 97 % atom of the universe and in our known universe 70 % mass contains hydrogen.Almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of the six elements oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Only about 0.85% is composed of another five elements: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. All are necessary to life. The remaining elements are trace elements, of which more than a dozen are thought to be necessary for life, or play an active role in health (e.g., fluorine, which hardens dental enamel but seems to have no other function).

So what life is ? Life is all these elements making up an individual,whether its a virus, bacteria,protozoa,fungi, plants,animals that gives them the characterists that creats a huge difference between the living and the non-living.

5.Fifteen  characteristics of life :-

 1. A life can reproduce

2.A life can grow

3. A life takes energy from its surrounding via food.

4.  A Life respond to its surrounding environment.

5. A life can adapt itself to the environment.

6. A life when dies decoposes to its constituent elements.

7.Life began on earth 3.5 billion years ago( 3500000 years ago)

8. Life is found in viruses, bacteria,fungi,protista,plants,animals etc.
9. In space the presence of bacteria are found.
10. Life is a natural  phenomenon , not a  miracle.
11. Life exists on planet earth, because earth is on the perfect distance from the sun, to get the exact light and warm to sustain life.Everything in the universe is a result of a possible and a reasonable cause,which is big-bang.
12.The life is may be only thing in the universe that has conscience.
13..Human life is the top life,we are lucky to be human.
14.Human life is the most interesting,great life on earth.
15.To be human is a great thing,because no one can think as much as human do, no one can change their environment like we do.We are advancing ever second,to a age we do not have any idea.We do not where we are going.What is our future. 

7.Most great people ever lived said that imagination is everything. The fact that imagination is not real. Then why imagination is important ? But reality is itself is relative. From the theory of relativity, the space is relative, time is relative, everything is relative, as we are made from the elements of the universe, the idea of our reality is also relative. Quantum mechanism shows us that what we see is not the reality. When a photon particle is sent through two slits , the emergence of particle becomes wave. In the sky we see the sun and moon in a same size, but in reality the sun is thousands time bigger than moon. When you are passionately curious, the whole world becomes interesting. Love is also important to live that makes us feel so good, it becomes more amazing when you are in love with a person of your ake personality. 

8. There is no meaning of life,you either make a meaning or the external factors will make a meaning out of you.That is why they say life is not finding  yourself,its about creating yourself who you want to be. I said that life is most beautiful in the universe, because life is so rare in universe.

9.The purpose life is to enjoy life doing the works that you love living with people who loves you and in a place that is good for health.

10. The most reasonable purpose of life is to enjoy every little moment, every little things in life. So, enjoy your life the way you can enjoy most.Do not worry what would people think about.