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1.The amount of chatting or talking you will do in your life,would take almost 2.5 year if you talk continously. And if you write down everything you sday in your whole life,you  can probably write 100 books each containing 400 pages.

2. In your whole life, you will eat almost 30000 kg food.

3. In your life,you shall open and close your hands 25 million times( 250 lac times).

4. In your life, your brain will recieve 10,00000000000000000000 small and big informations.

5. If you live for 7 years, you would sleep for 28 years and would work only 15 years.This facts are determined by studying most of the people on the world,so the results are on average.It might not be correct for you,but the results  are ought to be near your results.

6. If you live for 70 years,then the you shall produce 5,11,10litre salive in normal.

7. If you live for 7 years, your heart will beat 250 crore times.

8. In your whole life, your heart will continously pump in total 15,0,000 litre blood.

9. If you live for the age of 7, you will breath 5,87,65000 times.

10. You are going to fall in love 10 time in life.

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