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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The story behind Guernica painting by Jitu Das

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Guernica is the most famous paint of Pablo Picasso. Guernica is regarded as the one of the greatest art of 20th century. Among many works of Pablo Picasso, guernica is the lively work.

But why Guernica is so famous ?

In 19th century industrialization was started in most of the European countries, but Spain  was still in the middle age.The people of Spain broke the  the king rule and republic was established.But the thrown king kept on trying to dominate the people. The Republican forces were made up of assorted factions (Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, to name a few) with wildly differing approaches to government and eventual aims, but a common opposition to the Nationalists. They sought a return to the golden days of Spain, based on law, order, and traditional Catholic family values. They wanted to be free from this pain and misery,to create a advanced country like the other European countries. But the old ruling party( the nationalists) became against with these new rulers( republican).At that time, a captain named General Francisco Franco's cruelty was increasing. Inspired by One of the most worst man in mankind, Adolf Hitler, the nationalist Franco was torturing the general people of France who sought for republic Spain.Franco was helped by the the armies of Germany and Italy.In that terrible environment,where world was to about face an another war.In 26 April of 1937,Guernica was bombed for 2 hours by German warplanes led by Hitler.In that terrible bombarding for 2 hours, Guernica,which is more like a village in Spain, was destroyed literally. Guernica was the capital city of Basque region of Spain.In the middle of city,there was a big tree,which was known as Guernica.Basque people used to write their law and order sittling under that giant tree.It is possible that from that tree named Guernica,the city was also named Guernica. For Roman Catholics,the guernica was a holy place.
                  When in a usual day, 26 april of 1937, the german war planes bombed Guernica,the whole city was panicked, just like pearl harbor was panicked by the bombardment of Japanese war planes in December 7 of 1941.Along with the bombarment, the Germans were also killing the people of Basque with their filthy machine-guns.More than 200 people were killed,and many animals alongside.It was a  great shock to the world, to hear such  news about a city got ruined by bombardments.
                Pablo Picasso was a Spanish artist, who was also affected by the brutality of this hopeless war.Picasso was commissioned  by  Spanish Republican government to create a large mural for the Spanish display at the Paris International Exposition at the 1937 World's Fair in Paris.

Guernica is famous for these following reasons  -

 1. Guernica shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. This work has gained a monumental status, becoming a perpetual reminder of the tragedies of war, an anti-war symbol, and an embodiment of peace.

2.Upon completion Guernica was displayed around the world in a brief tour, becoming famous and widely acclaimed. This tour helped bring the Spanish Civil War to the world's attention.

3.In Guernica,you can see the both humans and animals in state of panicked,afraid,pain and  sadness. The color also depicts the war as a inhuman work.Those country who supports war is still a primitive country,just like America.
4. Guernica  includes the affect of war in both human and animals,by which the art tells that we humane are not the only one who is killed,injured because of war,the animals are also bearing the affects of war caused by the foolish,egoistic people from time to time.

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