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Friday, 29 March 2013

What is the history of Tabloids by Jitu Das

Almost 2000 years ago, in Rome,a royal paper called Acta Diurna ( daily activities ) was distributed. From the  16 th century, the printed newp-papers were started to published.In 1609, in Germany first weekly news-papers were published in printing letters.At first, only the rich people of the societ were the customer of these weekly news-papers. But, in 19th century,the middle class and poor class of society were educated and this changed the idea of news-paper,for its customer were increasing everyday. The new-york  new-paper publishers thought to make the workers of the city as their customer.In 1880,the publisher of "World" new paper, Joseph Pulitzer started a new popular way of journalism.This attmpt of was very succesful and revolutionary,and in this news-paper "world" was publishing increased enourmously from 15000 prints to 250000 in just three years. For his revolutionary works,pulitzer award is given to the achivements in new-paper and online journalism,literature and musical composition  every year in honor of him by US ( Columbia university, New York)


To that perod, all the news-paper were printed in same width ( 58 cm * 38 cm). In 1903, Alfred Harmworth made two page from one previous braod page. and the now the page format became  43 cm * 28 cm. The news-paper format was compacted for the easiness to rad them in moving train and buses. Then an another news-paper called "Mirror" was being printed with big headlines on that small page,alongside small photographs,news and stories.Then many news-papers started to follow this news fashion.Harmsworth( later known as Lord Northklik) named this news-papers Tabloid news-papers. (he word Tabloid comes from the medicinal term Tabloid of late 1880)

 The name Tabloid was used for these kind of news-papers because-

  • The format is small ( roughly 43 cm* 28 cm. 
  •  This kind of news-paper publish news, stories in brie words.
  •  This news papers contains everthing that is found in the normal news-paper, but in brief style from politics, sport, literature, astrology, celebrity, weather,science etc.
  • For capturing every aspects of news,stories as the broad sheet contains,they are called tabloid which are small,but contains as much as broad sheet.

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