What happens to your human body everyday ?? by Jitu Das

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1. In a day, you produce 2 litre saliva and 1.18 litre sweat in your body

2. In a day, you breath 23000 times , and  you intake 120.3 cubic meter air in you lung

3. In a day, your eyes opens and closes 27,000 time normally

4. After crossing the age of 18, you are loosing 1000 neuron cell of your brain everyday, though it does not make much affect your memory.

5. In a day, your heart pupms 7,500 litre blood in your body.

6. In a day, your heart beat almost 1,03,689 times.

7. In a day,  your brain can store more than 86 million small information.

8. Your body muscles are contracted and strecthcehed while doing work, 75 times a day.

9.The blodd in your body travels 27,00,0,00 km a day.

10. Your nail increases 0.0011684 cm everyday.

11. Your hair increases 0.435102 cm everyday.

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