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Why sea water is salty and its color is blue ? By Jitu Das

Do you wonder why sea color is blue and salty ?

When water is in small amount(eg. Water in a glass),it appears colorless to human eye. But water's tint becomes a deeper blue as the amount of the water thickness increases,(eg, water in seaor ocean).
The blue color of sea is just like the event of blue sky. When the sun rays comes through the sky,then out of 7 colors,blue color is scattered by the dust particles of air and rest of the color is absorbed and that is why sky looks blue. This is what also happens in case of sea water. The thickness of sea,ocean and lakes makes them look blue.There is also the blue sky above the ocean ,that is why lakes and ocean reflects the color of the sky,which is blue.

Why sea water is salty ? 

Sea water is salty because it contains large amounts of salt( Sodium Chloride or Nacl) brought to sea through many sources like rivers and streams, which collect various minerals, salt and silt on their course and drain them into sea. The evaporation sea-water also concentrates the salt in sea. If you must know ! The sea water is 220 times saltier than the fresh water( found in river ,lakes,pond, waterfall, ground water,well etc.

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