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Deep life poems "Walking alone on the road "by Jitu Das poems

Just walk along the road,
things are never perfect
 in the real world,
you seek the perfect person in your life, 
you are tired of waiting now
you are in the void,nothing can
 fill the voidness inside your soul.
You do not know what to do, all...
 you search is a good soul that can love you.
You want to speak out, you hold your
 feelings deep down, you search 
everyday all the time.
You do not know now what is
 the righ thing to do
you get confused because everybody 
is speaking something else of their own.
But now you wanna change it all,
you should follow your dream,
you have troubles to accept
 even your dream,
Once you were a child,
little child dreamt a life,
now you are young, you can dream too, 
dream is what makes you unique,
you don't have to wish to be someone, 
who have what you don't
Be yourself, be the version that is better.
I know you are afraid,
you just want to be loved,
you hold yourself back,
you are young and you have to 
learn how to live,
but you have to learn life by living, 
experiencing insult, punch to a
 sweet kiss from a girl.