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Real love poems by Jitu Das Poems

I do not feel right, the world is changing,
the evolution is happening, there is a revolution inside,
I don't why ! 
I can not see the road, the fog is on the road,
My hands are cold,frost is wrapping my heart,
I do not need you now, ...
I am about to become a statue of stone
I was  waiting  for you all the tine, I thought that you would give me love.
I close my eyes and see your face
It is so cold, the birds flew elsewhere, the trees went to deep sleep wrapping the frost.
The river is not flowing, the waterfall is not falling. Why the world has stopped moving ?
These dark days never seems to end,
these frosty night of winter, I don't know why the people can't see through me to know what I feel.
This  loneliness  is aching my heart, my heart is suffocating, its turning into a heavy.
Then the moon sighed, you poor boy.
I am a poor boy and you are not with me.
You and I should have been together.
Oh how I wish to touch your hair. Wish you were here, I could hold you for ever.
It is freezing, my feet and hands.
I am not afraid to die, I am afraid to spend this winter alone.
What is holding me ? Why can't I move ? Rules are the frost and I am helpless, courage is fading.

These days are dark and lonely, I am hoping for a brighter tomorrow.
The sunshine will break me free, waiting for the sunshine to warm my heart, waiting for the sunshine to give me the spirit.
I can not control the universe,all I am hoping is the sunshine.
Time seems like it has ceased moving,
winter is so cold, perhaps it freezed the time too.
Wish I could meet you soon, I am going all alone on the life road.
Holding hands, I want to walk the road with you. 
I have a feeling that you are waiting for me on the road.
I am walking even though its not a road, where I am going ? I don't even know ! Its just non reasonable to follow my heart,yet I just walk even though its not a main road.
The road to nowhere, I am going somewhere in an old stem engine train. By the lake the train is moving making vapour and I am watching through window,the full moon swimming in the lake racing. Its cold breeze flowing inside, my hair is dancing. It is a shirt of wool, what a Divine feeling, is this real or is it a dream ?

In the sea , I am rowing my small boat all alone, storm and waves are rising high to kill my soul. With every row, my body feels like breaking down to thousand pieces of bones. I have no compass, no map, no, nothing at all. I am lost thousand times more within lost. 
All I can do is survive the night, even though I am all alone, I know in my heart I will be meeting you on the shore soon.