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Saturday, 7 December 2013

How to deal with the anger and frustration feelings by Jitu Das


Someday  when you get angry, so mad that you feel like you are gonna die, then don't loose it. Hold on, deep inside you want to shout so loud that the whole world will heart. You start to think that what is the reason ? You ask yourself why... am I so mad, why am I not feeling so bad.
It feels like you can not move. Your heart is in hell. Your heart seeks the intimacy that can give peace to your soul.
Who am I ? You ask yourself. You already are bored to death.
You want to run away. You think you can not move forward anymore.
You feel like its the dead end. You do not have the enough strength to break these wall. One wall after another. After all they are brick wall.

You want to shout. There is a pain within no one can see. Pain has its strength, you should always remember it. Whatever gives you pain, makes you stronger.
Its not the pain, you fear. You fear strength. There is coward within who lives drinking your weakness.

The coward creates weakness and fear withing with these words- No, don't, you can't, what would people think , who do you think you are, you are a little man, you can never be great at anything, you will never be loved, you will never be happy, rich , you are weak, you are little .. 

Don't listen to him. Even though you may loose the ability to see goodness in yourself, you must not stop believing that there is something within.
You must trust yourself. Surrender. Do not doubt. There is both good and evil within. Trust the good.

Whenever you get angry over nothing. Know there is always a cause behind your anger. For example, someone telling you that you are not good enough. When someone tells you that you can not do what they do. Don't feel sad or low about. Always remember that just because you are not doing what they are doing does not make you lesser human being as long as you are doing what you love. All you have to do is what you can do, want to do. You do not have be everything and do everything. You just keep doing what makes you forget all the worries of the world.

Trust the universe, but don't close your eyes or don't just do nothing. You still have to do what you can do. The remaining task will be figured out own its own. All you have to do is what you can do. If you desire to do something great, know that great works are not done in just a night. Its like building a wall of brick, you have to build by placing one brick after another. You can't build the break in one step. 
Be patient. Take deep breath. Take care of today, tomorrow will be fine. Yesterday, I have found a truth that the greatest purpose of life is to LIVE, following PASSION, doing GOOD to people, to nature.

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