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Solaris (2002), an existential sci fi film, by Jitu Das film reviews

Solaris( 2002) directed, cinematographed and screenplayed by Steven Sodenberg. The Solaris movie ( 2002) is a remake of Solaris( 1972). The story of the film is based on the novel of same name Solaris written by Polish writer Stanislaw Lem.
Solaris starrs actor George Cloony and actress Natacsha Maclhone. 
The film Solaris is about a psychologist Dr. Chris Kelvin,who is with team mate Snow and Gordon in outer space called Solaris. Solaris is very mysterious and strange place unlike any other space regions, where the each member of the team gets a visitor from their life in earth. Chris gets the visit of his dead wife as if she never died. The wife does not remember how she got there, but she remember her life in earth. Chris doubts the reality of his wife Rheya and think of her appearance as a dream. The whole starts gets a visitor of their owm. Chris gets afraid seeing the his wife alive in his bed after waking up. He sents off his wife in the space then regrets. But Rheya visits again. His teammate Snow and Gordon finds a way to make the vistor disappear and not appear again. But Chris is not letting Rheya go this time. When the second Rheya found out about Chris sending off her in the space, she drank liquid oxygen and she dies. After a while when Chris finds her , he carries her to bed and lay her down, then Snow and Gordon rushes to the roon. Then strange things start to happen. Rheya starts to come back to life again. His team tells him that she is not human and suggests Chris not to get emotionally involved with her.

The replicas of Rheya also said Chris to use the technique of Higz to make her disappear for ever. But Chris stays all night awake because she could make herself disintegrate while he is asleep.
Later the finds that they don't have enough fuel to return to earth. They call for a another spaceship Athena to take them.
Oneday, when Chris cuts her finger in the kitchen, his wounds heals instantly. Rheya told Chris that Solaris is the place where life and death transends.
Gordon leaves the Solaris to Earth in Athena. But Chris stays with Rheya in the Solaris making up the mistake he had done by leaving Rheya in earth, for which reason Rheya killed herself.