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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Biography of Leo Tolstoy by Jitu Das Biographies

Untill I was 16, I wanted to become a doctor. Then I started watching film. It gave hope, I had to do something better ! Then I read the book, An idealist view of life by Dr. Sarbapalli Radhakrisnan. I started to doubt the religions then. Now I do not know what I want to be anymore, but I love writing.

You see, I want to do good and there is so much good things to do in the world. Philosophy can also be a good if it inspires love, kindness and understanding. I am now going to say the name that inspired me most.
 His name is Leo Tolstoy. His stories inspired me to love any people. His stories are amazing. Tolstoy said that god lives in the service of mankind. 
Yes,He made school for the farmers, he sewed shoes of beggers, he worked in the farmer even though he was rich. When the people of Russia were going in the wrong direction, he gave the people wisdom. He wrote the stories for the people. His stories still guides people to understand life. 
I read his stories in  Assamese  at first. Some of his stories were translated into my mother tongue  Assamese  by Surendra mohan Das. The book was a birthday gift to me by my aunt.
My  favorite  stories are -
 1. what men live by 
  2. How much land does a man need
  3. Where love is, god is
  4. Two  Pilgrims.....
But what trully made me who I am is a result of the experiences of life. The thousands of films, music, hundred of books, the bbc documentaries, pbs, the people influenced me to be me. I am not inspired by one man and I know you are not inspired by one person too.

If you have not read his stories, here is the link of archive, where you can listen to his great stories.I know you will love it.-

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