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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How to make hard things easy by Jitu Das Philosophy

When you think that something is hard and complex, it becomes what you think.
If you think something as easy, it becomes easy.
But how ?
When you think of something as easy, you find a reason to be interested. Then you become interested to... spend time with it. Then with time, you find it more easy. It could be anything. 
When you think of something as hard, you will find it silly to even try it whether it is easy or not. So, then you get scared of failing in it that you do not want to try. You may have failed in it in the past, but that past does not have any power over you. And you are not the same. You have grown more wiser, health and strength.
Hey, you, do not be discouraged to try again. You got to keep trying to be what you want to be.

You may think that you can't control destiny. Destiny is what you become at the end of your life. Life is too damn short. Everyday is a new day. Today you are better than yesterday. Today is different than yesterday or any other day that ever happened.
Today is not a same day, just because sun rises up same in east everyday. Believe that it is a new day.
In the past you may have failed to do it perfectly. It is okay, you do not have to be perfect. Do not be a perfectionist. Stop complaining about what you can not do, do what you can do. Always remember that when you doubt that you can not do what you want to do, then in the end you do nothing. So, just trust yourself. At first, just do the parts that you find easy, then you can confidence in your heart that you can do it. Then you will wonder why didn't I just trusted myself before I could have done better. But it is okay, better late than never. So, trust yourself and just do it ! 
You can make things easy by changing the perception.To change the perception you must first have strong will to do that.

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