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Saturday, 7 December 2013

My only love poem by Jitu Das love poems

                                                    151. LOVE POEMS BY Jitu Das

                                                            1. My ancient feeling   

Oh universe, there is a feeling within me,
 an ancient feeling that was born with me. 
This feeling has been always my dear,
 it lives in the middle my heart.
There is a feeling within
, that always stays near,
 just like the sun in the... night.
This feeling whispers and never shout, 
 may be it learned to be silent too

This feeling stays the same,
 I grow old everyday.
This feeling is not what I
 was supposed to feel !
My feelings tell me who 
I am and what I want 
and yet I do not trust my
 ancient feeling,
what make me to resist 
my own self ? 
Why is that we do not want to 
get what we need deep within ?
What is the reason one chose 
to suffer than love ?
Deep within me that feeling lies,
I can ignore but can not deny,
once in a while I feel the feeling to love
 and to be beloved too, I do not know why.

                                                       2. The dream girl's love

It is the power of true love,
 believe it my love,
there is a great power within love.
Once in a dream you came to me,
If I could only see you again, 
even if in a misty dream.
I can not remember your face anymore,
 as the days goes by, I will... 
be forgetting you soon.
Its 21st century, don't blame me,
 everybody is doing party
I am standing all alone in the doorway, 
should I find you or find
 anyone in the way.
Destination taking me away,
I am sitting in a train,
 travelling the world,
Look where the train took me,
 to the loneliest place in the world, to my heart.
How am I supposed to find a 
girl I once saw in a dream ?
In the sea of people, 
you must be my island.
I must rest, travelling all around the 
world, should I stop searching ?
That special dream among 
thousand forgotten, how am 
I supposed to find my dream !
My love, I can not go on no more,
 wish you were here to hold me now,
I am about to fall, I stand at 
the mountain Himalaya,
its cold, I am freezing,
Wish you were here to 
take me to hold and kiss.

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