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Saturday, 7 December 2013

A walk in the clouds(1995 is a very beautiful romantic film, a review by JituDas

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A walk in the clouds ( 1995) is a very beauiful film. The film was directed by Alfanso Arau. It starrs actor Keanu Reeves and actress Aitana Sanchez Gijon. Keanu Reeves was 31 years old when the film was made.I watched this film 4 days ago. It was on my list. But I never knew that it was so beautiful. The colors, music, the people they are all beautiful. There is many thing that makes a film beautiful. The people who stars, the director, the  cinematographer.I do not know why Bollywood do not do cinematography. It is the cinematography that makes the film so beautiful. 

A good cimematography creates a magical beauty. It makes the world look more beautiful than we we know it as.A walk in the clouds was made beautiful by the  cinematographer  Emmanuel Lubezki. Emmanuel Lubezki was nominated 5 times for oscar for the amazing films such as Great expectation, Children of man( 2005), Gravity ( 2013).
There is another part of a film that makes it beautiful and do you know what it is. It is the music, the soundtrack. Without the beautiful soundtracks in a film, I can not dream of a beautiful film. I believe that good music creates a bridge between the viewers and the characters, that world, that time to your world and to your time.The soundtrack was created by Maurice Jarre. Very beautiful soundtrack. The guitar does the trick. 

I believe that good film can give you psychedalic experience.
I know it is hard to find a good film and beautiful to watch, when everybody is a critic. I am not a critic. I am a lover of beautiful things and I just want to share the joy in living that I find.
Don't listen to the critics. A film doesn't have to be perfect just like life and everything else.
The greatest reason I am recommending you to watch this film is because its a beautiful. A thing of beauty is a joy of forever, said by John Keates, the medical student who became a great romantic poet. I believe that with my heart because I myself find joy in beautiful things.

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