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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Influence of family or home on personality development of Children

Personality development is influenced by family environment like the number of members in the family birth order of the child, emotional climate of the family outlook of parents, socio-economic and cultural conditions of the family, rejecting loving or neglectful parents, nervous or cheerful parents, dominant or submissive parents, broken homes , size of the family, the only child family, parental favoritism, family moral, value placed on sex of the child, presence of step parents and other relatives in the home. Congenial or healthy home environment positively influences personality development and unhealthy home environment adversely influences personality development.

Family life pattern: Family, life, aims, ambitions, aspirations, and attitudes of parents, their emotional stability or instability, their over-protection or under protection to children, child training methods ( democratic or authoritarian)- all these factors are important in the development of the individual.

Child training methods: Children brought up by democratic methods make better social adjustments outside the home and have a more favorable attitude towards people and social activities than children brought up by authoritarian methods.

Type of Relationship: Only when children have a satisfactory relationship with their parents then they can enjoy social contacts outside the home. Only under such conditions they can have healthy attitudes towards people and learn to function in a group composed of their peers.
The unfavorable parental treatment and attitude, lack of love and affection, restricted home environment, faulty child-rearing practices develop a feeling of insecurity, mistrust and pessimism.


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