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Saturday, 3 March 2018

What is personality development ?

What a person is, what he thinks and experiences, what virtue and vices possess are manifested through his behavior and speech. Personality is the entire pattern of behaviour points of an individual. The personality of a person is a mirror of his whole organized behaviour patterns.

Personality development implies the development of the traits of the individual. Here trait theory of personality comes to our help to have an adequate understanding of the problem. An attempt is made to detail the traits which constitute personality. At the same time, it must be observed that personality is the whole individual and it is what one is what one was and what one willbe. It includes an individual's past, present and future. An individual's personality is determined and built in the present, in the past, and for the future.

Personality development is the relatively enduring pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish individuals from one another. The dominant view in the field of personality psychology today holds that personality emerges early and continues to change in meaningful ways throughout the lifespan.

Personality development depends on two factors :
1. Heredity and
2. Environment
 It is one of the hard questions in psychology which one is more influential in developing one's personality, is it the heredity or the environment. Earlier it was believed that heredity or genetics has a greater influence on the personality development. So, it was believed that a person comes with his personality since birth. According to this view it was believed that education could bring no change in personality. But according to the psychoanalysts, it is now believed that environment also plays an important role in the development of personality. But the studies on twins showed that despite being brought up in a different environment, the twins developed an almost same personality.


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