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Friday, 2 March 2018

Altered Carbon Tv Series Summary by Jitu Das film reviews

 Altered Carbon. It's an another world, far  ahead in the future, where one can live forever, but only a few can afford to, they are called the meths, they live up in the clouds living eternal, corrupt and sick life. But the people on the ground have no such luxury.

Far ahead in the future human have found a way to live forever, they have discovered something called altered carbon, a substance where consciousness, the very soul can be stored, they call it the stack, that can implemented on any physical body called sleeve,they are synthetic body. The hero of the story Takeshi Kovacs has seen a rough childhood, he served his youth as protectorate, working for the government, but soon things gets wrong in a mission where he finds his long lost sister Reileen Kawahara , then they both join the rebel group called the envoys, where Quell is the leader, but as time pass, Quell decides that they should destroy the stack system, where the only rich can
afford to live forever, but the poor can not. But Reileen betrays the envoys and in exchange she gets tons of money, backups, clones. Kovacs gets arrested and freezed for 250 years.But when Laurence Bancroft, wealthiest man gets murdered, he was resleeved into a cop called Ryker, as he was resleevedinto a cop's body, his former parter  Kristin Ortega follows him. Kovacs was awakened to solve a murder case of Laurence Bancroft, while everyone believes that he commited suicide
So as envoys are known for their intuition, he is hired to solve the mystery of the murder or suicide. Then the journey begins for Kovacs to solve the case, because in reward he was getting a lots of money and complete pardon. Kovacs is haunted by his past memories as he lost his love Quell.

Lieutenant Kristin Ortega, already at odds with the Bancrofts, tracks Kovacs, who is investigating the long list of people who have threatened Laurens' life. Kovacs goes on investigating the murder case and follows up  a death threath to Laurence, and finds Vernon Elliot, whose daughter Lizzie mind is broken and Laurence is responsible for the situation somehow. Later Vernon teams up with Kovacs in exchange for his dauther's treatment by AI Poe, the owner of hotel Raven where Kovacs was staying.
Kovacs is invited to a party the Bancroft mansion, where Laurens has assembled the many likely suspects in his murder. Kovacs get thrown in the fight and almost gets killed but Ortega stops the fight.

Kovacs is abducted and tortured by Dimitri who wants to take revenge for killing his other sleeve in the Raven, and must remember his Envoy training by Quellcrist Falconer to turn the tables on his captors.Kovacs remember to manipulate the captor and stops his heart and gets out the VR and kills everyone in the clinic.

Kovacs has learned that his sleeve was formerly the disgraced cop Elias Ryker, Ortega's lover, and demands answers and finds out the truth about conspiracy and how he was framed.
 Then Mister Leung comes to Police station and helps Dimitri escape and kills Ortega's partner. He almost kills Ortega, but Kovacs takes her to the Hospial immediately.
While Ortega recovers from a violent attack, Kovacs informs Laurens of his son Isaac's duplicity. Ortega and Kovacs are abducted by Carnage, who forces them into a fight to the death with his minions. In the fight both of them were about to get killed, when a mysterious fighter comes and kills everyone in the carnage with a sword.

Reunited with his resurrected sister Reileen, Kovacs remembers his origins in the Protectorate, and with Quellquist. Kovacs has not fully recovered and he remembers his days as a envoy and about his love, envoy leader Quell. But soon he realizes about his sister's betrayal and how she got backed up before the explosion.

Faced with his sister's treachery and blackmail that he has to end the case of Laurence murder even with a false culprit. So, Kovacs gets Vernon's wife Ava released into a male sleeve to help him convince Laurens that his lawyer Oumou Prescott is the murderer. Ortega tries to determine the identity of the mystery woman who saved Kovacs and kills the clones and Reileen kills everyone in the Ortega's family.

After Reileen issues a violent ultimatum, Kovacs and his associates plot to infiltrate her ship. Kovacs force REileen confess everything, the truth about Laurence Bancroft's murder, the falling blonde Mary Lou Henchy and about Miriam's crime and how Lizzie got mad. Everything is revealed as Kovacs confronts Reileen for the last time, and Lizzie faces the Bancrofts. Later Kovacs says goodbye to Ortega and leaves in search of his one true love Quell, who is actually alive and backed up Reileen. 


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