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Thursday, 1 March 2018

What are the objectives of Developmental Psychology ?

The objectives of Developmental psychology :

The following are the three major objectives of DEvelopmental psychology :

1. To predict the behaviour.
2. To give the necessary guidance in order that the behaviour of the individual may be desirable and
3. To devise measures for controlling the environment in order that the individual may affect his integrated growth while living in it.

1. To predict the behaviour.  :
 The growth of the child follows certain principles. On the basis of the same, its physical, mental, emotional and social growth may be predicted. By observing the child's various types of behaviour and physical growth it may be possible to assess its future possibilities. Accordingly, its education may be planned. It may be noted that this kind of assessment may be possible only for normal children. As regards backward and very brilliant children, such an estimate of their future shape may be illusive.

2. To give the necessary guidance

Guidance may be of many types. But in connection with children we may think of only two principle types ie. educational and vocational. IN educational guidance the necessary help is given to the school children for enabling them to make the right choice as regards the subjects that they should offer in view of their scope and limitations. This is done when the choice has to be indicated in face of a number of optional subjects in the various courses of study. In vocational guidance, the student is helped to choose his future vocation.

3. To  devise measures for controlling the environment 

Environment plays a very important role in the development of the individual. ONe of the principal objectives of developmental psychology is to ensure the maintenance of a healthy environment for the growth of children. Good habits, healthy interests and various types of virtues may be inculcated in children by organizing a good environment for them. It falls within the scope of Developmental psychology to suggest ways and means for controlling the environment.


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