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Saturday, 3 March 2018

The importance of studying Developmental psycholgy

Developmental psychology is a broad branch of psychology. It is the scientific study of human growth and development. It examines and explains how and why people change throughout the lifespan. This developmental process includes all aspects of development like physical, intellectual, emotional, social, perceptual and personality development.

Following are the some of the importance of  Studying Developmental psychology

1. Parents, teachers, therapists, doctors and caregivers who work for assisting the development of man and providing care, education and training needs to have a solid understanding of developmental psychology.

2. Education itself is a form of development, knowledge of developmental psychology for teachers is fundamental to their effectiveness. Knowledge of developmental psychology helps teachers to suitably plan and develop lessons for students.

3. The growth of children during infancy is very fast. This can be easily understood by observing any child during the first six years of his life. Therefore, it is very necessary that special attention is paid to all-sided development of children not only since the time of their birth but even from the moment of conception in the mother's womb.

4. Parents need to know about the developmental psychology so that they can recognize if their children's growth is proceeding as it should. If they notice that their children are failing to achieve basic developmental milestones, obtaining professional help becomes important. The nature of personality development is influenced by the chronological order of the child amongst other children in the family. Being the eldest, the middle, the youngest, the only, all of it have a different impact on the child and his personality development.So, it is very imprtant for the parents to understand the child's situation and respond to him suitably.

5. Developmental psychology is very important to understand the psycho-physical aspects of growing individuals at different stages of their development throughout the lifespan. Development psychology is of vital importance to teachers and educators for making proper planning and provision of education of different categories of learners including the gifted and the not so bright.

6. Knowledge of developmental psychology for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness is indispensable. In addition to this, developmental psychology helps to understand what normal development, to identify innate talents, to understand the role of nature and nurture in the child's personal development.

7. Above all, developmental psychology is a very important branch of psychology which studies the growth and development of a human being from the infancy until death and has offered guidance towards teaching, clinical psychotherapy etc.


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