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Friday, 2 March 2018

What is childhood ? Early Childhood and Later Childhood

A childhood is a period falling under the age of two years to twelve years. Itis a period in which child can develop his selfless nature and develop a perception of their surroundings. In this period a child attains maturity socially and intellectually and morally.

The period of childhood is divided into two parts

1. Early childhood ( From 2 years to 6 years)
2. Late childhood ( From 7 years to 12 years)

1. Early childhood ( From 2 years to 6 years)

The period of childhood may be called as the period of asking questions and knowing things the child sees around him. This is the age of fertile imagination. The child is in question, eager to gain new experiences and control over his environment.

Rich and diverse expression and activities are associated with rapid increase in vocabulary. By the time the child is six years of age, he is in a position to use about 3000 words.

Children develop their mental power by studying in the schools, reading books and by visiting places. They develop their reasoning power, memory, attention and develop sensory discrimination. They also develop an idea of length and distance. They also come to have the concepts of time.

Children also judge their own actions and criticize the actions of others and in this way they come to have their matters, they take up the opinions of their elders. They also take up the aesthetic standards of their parents and elders.

2. Late childhood ( From 7 years to 12 years)

At this stage ,their vocabulary increases by leaps and bounds. Now , they are able to speak and write sentences of more than average length. If children have some speech defects these increases all the more at this stage.

 The child also comes to control his own emotion. His emotional behavior is guided by a rational expression. He gets angry but does not let it out. He is still jealous of his younger brothers or classmates but he does not show it or cry. He is still afraid of things but he tries to show bravery. His expression of joy and happiness with a smile and not with a laughter like he used to in his early childhood.

At this stage, the child is engaged in social activities and give and take is the principle of this stage. Sometimes he is teased and bullied others. He also realizes the value of competition and co-operation by the age of 12, by competing and co-operating with others. He attaches great value to friendship and takes part in games and excursions. He moves with his friends and comes to have a gang spirit. Sometimes, he may assume the leadership of the gang as well. Boys and girls make their separate gangs.
 Later Childhood is the intervening period between childhood and adolescence. The period starts at the of 7 and ends at 12 years of age. It begins with the entrance to the school and ends with the onset of puberty. During this period, many physical, intellectual, emotional and social changes take place. The environment of the child widens during this period. This period is made rich by varied experiences of things and persons.


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