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Saturday, 3 March 2018

What are the different personality traits ?

The word ' personality' is derived from the Latin word, 'personal' which means ' mask' or 'dress' worn by a player or an actor on the stage. Personality is not only the physical appearance, rather it comprises the natural impulses, acquired traits, complexes, sentiments, etc. It is the apex and crux of psychology and education. It is the totality of all the traits of a human being.

The different traits of Personality are : 

1. Physical Traits
2. Mental Traits
3. Emotional traits
 4. Volition and chracter
5. Sociability
6. Forcefulness or persistence

 1. Physical Traits
 Physical traits of the personality are determined by complexion, height, physical structure, weight and such other traits.
2. Mental Traits 
Under this particular traits, intelligence, memory, imagination, perception, reasoning, faith are included. Mental traits are the signs of person’s behavior and attitude towards people.

3. Emotional Traits 
Emotional traits occupy a very important place in the personality of the individual. Generally, we try to find out whether a person is extrovert and introvert. Psychologists are the of the opinion that endocrine glands exercise a good deal of influence on an emotional trait.

 4. Volition and character
These traits include the power of thinking of an individual. Some are active while others are docile. Some are stable while others are unstable in their determination. There are people who are always creating something, fighting for a cause, there are people who are activist who are eveready to speak out their voice and there are those who ignore everything but himself.

 5. Sociability  
Some try to escape society while others try to invade it, rule it. Some are egoistic temperament and others are submissive. Some people are extrovert and some introvert, the extrovert are the ones who can mingle with anyone, they are comfortable with any situation and any people, while introverts do not like all situation and all people.

6. Forcefulness or persistence
There are those who are persistent and have the force and internal will to get what they desire in life. These are the people who become successful in life.


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