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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

How an Adolescenct boy or girl develops during the adolescence period

The adolescence is the span between the childhood and adult. It comes in between the years from 12 to the early 20s. It is a transitional period of life.

Physical development  : 

  During this stage, an individual attains biological maturation, which means an increase in height, weight etc. Sometimes the growth is disproportionate due to the lengthening of hands and feet, which makes the body awkward and clumsy, resulting in improper cooperation of the limbs of the body. Due to this, the adolescenct is self- conscious and over-sensitive about their physical appearance.

Sexual development : 

Sexual development is undoubtedly the central fact of adolescence and therefor it is essential to provide sex education to both boys and girls at this stage. Many changes pertaining to sex and sex organs occur in boys and girls, which though they are quite normal and natural, but are misunderstood as some type of abnormality, which leads to unnecessary worry and anxiety. This makes it absolutely imperative to provide education and guidance to adolescent.

Emotional development: 

 This is a period of emotional instability and fantastic imagination. An adolescence is highly emotional and moody, most of his actions and decisions are based on emotions rather than on rational judgment. His moods vary highly from hilarious to depressed. The creative side is also at their highest peak during adolescence. This is the time of art and poetry, the basis of artistic and literacy greatness are formed during this fantastic period of life.


Intellectual development: 


Human intelligence reaches its maximum at this stage. This is a period of great intellectual attainments. Both boys and girls develop the keen interest in reading and writing their interests widen to a great extent. The boy or the girl starts to show the uniqueness at this stage. The intellectual acquires extra sharpness at this stage. All the individual faculties are at the red-hot point at this stage. Therefore, the teacher should make use of the same so that the studies may be able to make the best use of their faculties.

Social development :

  The gregarious instinct fully matures at this period. This is a period of making lasting friendship. At this stage, most of the boys become a member of a group or a gang. They are mostly guided by the group mind. The interests of the group are uppermost in their minds and therefore, for a slight class of interest of an individual.  Their behaviours in such matter is impulsive and emotional. An individual is likely to comment vile  and undesirable acts because of the group mind. But, if the group is rightly guided, it is most likely to do many useful things for the good of the society.

Moral and spiritual development :  

 This is an age of hero-worshiping and all his and her moral, spiritual feelings are centered round a special person. At this stage, the feelings of the individuals are pure and pious and they are moved by moral considerations. They may not believe in ritual and dogmas, but they believe in moral code and conduct.Sometimes, they have high spiritual aspirations and try to seek guidance and blessings of some spiritual leader. The basic fact is that most of them are pure at heart and their minds have not yet been polluted by the selfishness and greed prevalent in the society.


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