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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Imporatnce of Operation Blackboard in Universalization of Elementary education

Importance of Universalization of elementary education

A.      operation Blackboard

Operation Blackboard is a centrally sponsored programme which was started in 1987 immediately after the Rajiv Gandhi NPE of 1986 was released to supply the bare minimum crucial facilities to all primary schools in the country. The objective of the scheme is providing students studying in primary settings with the necessary institutional equipment and instructional material to facilitate their education.
 It was essential to provide some minimum facilities in elementary school to fulfill the constitutional obligations for providing universal elementary education to all children in the age group of 6 to 14 years.

     The word operation implies that there is an urgency in this programme. It has been observed there are challenges, there exists 40% have no pacca building, 39.72 % have no blackboard, which is the basic and most important teaching aids and 59. % have no drinking water, 35 % school have a single teacher to teach 3 o 4 different classes.

 So, the operation Blackboard aims at removing these difficulties in Primary Schools. The policy lays emphasis on elimination of disparities in the educational system and improvement in the quality of school environmental system. So, that all children irrespective of their socio-economic background have access to education of comparable quality up to a given level.

Operation Blackboard system lays down the minimum level of facilities to be provided in all primary schools. The following are the steps proposed to be taken in this direction were as follows. In The school building will be designed according to local needs. The central government provides funds for school equipment and the buildings; the state government also raises funds through the Jawahar Rojgar Yojna scheme. 

Some of the Provision of the Operation Blackboard :
  1. Two big rooms in a school that to be used in all weather.
  2. Teaching aids such as maps, globes, chart, blackboard, chalk, duster etc should be available.
  3. Water facility, pure drinking water facility, toilet facility, provision of urinal should be available.
  4. Provision of at least two teachers , one of them a woman in every primary school.
  5. Provision of essential teaching and learning materials.
For the implementation of Operation Blackboard scheme, responsibility is being shared by the central and the State Govt. The village education committees were to make necessary responsibilities of the school building. The NCERT was determined the principle of giving financial aid to different schools.


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