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Sunday, 11 March 2018

What is the value in education? Different definition of value and iit’s characteristics

Values are norms of the society. Values can be defined differently. Values are norms of behavior which have been evolved during the course of time in the social, moral and spiritual fields. Values refer to the ideal behavior in various fields, they refer to as what we “ ought” to do in preference to something which we should not do.Values are nothing but concepts that develop in the mind of an individual.

The term value has different connotations depending on the content in which it is used. From a philosophical point of view, values are those standards or code for moral behavior conditioned by one’s belief system and conscience. what is right and important for society has sociological value.

Different definitions of value in education :

According to John Dewey, “ To value means value means to prize, to esteem, to appraise and to estimate. It means the act of cherishing something, holding it dear and also the act of passing judgment upon the nature and amounts of values as compared with something else.”

According to Urban Chandel, “ Values are those standards which we use to influence the attitude, values and actions of others. It is a yardstick that is used to guide the actions, attitudes, comparisons, evaluations, and justifications of others and self. These are the guiding principles of life and help in all-round development of the individual.
E.S. Brightman says, “ In the most elementary sense, value means whatever is actually likes, prized, esteemed, desired, approved or enjoyed by anyone at the time. It is the actual experience of enjoying a desired object or activity.”

According to A.K.C. Orraway, “ Values stand for ideas men like for.”

According to Cattel, By values we mean the social, artistic, moral and other standards which the individual would like to others and himself to follow.”

Value According to Allport,” A  belief upon which a man acts by preference.”

According to Edgar S. Bright, Wan value is, “ In the most elementary sense value means whatever is actually linked, prized, esteemed, desired, approved or enjoyed by anyone at the time.”

According to Raymont, “ A Value is what is desired or what is sought.”

According to N.T.Ramji, “ A value is what is desired or what is sought. Values may be operationally conceived as those guiding principles of life which are conductive to one’s physical and mental health as well as social welfare and adjustment and which are in true with one’s culture.

Characteristics of Value :

1. Value identifies itself with the sense of worth or usefulness of anything for them. Anything that is ideal, good, useful m important and significant is an object of value. Values are something worthwhile. These are ideals, abstraction, and conception of desirable that are relevant to selective behavior.

2. Value is judged from the point of view of social desirability, Which guides the behavior of a person in the society.

3. Values mould the human nature, that is how stereotypes are formed.
Values are mostly an agreed set of principles. Values are guidelines that tell us about the what is right and wrong or important in life.

4. Values is a dynamic concept that goes on changing with the changes of time and situation. Social norms changes all the time and what is we think now normal in the society used to be frowned upon in the society.

5. But value is not same for all society, in all people.Some of the core values are everywhere in the word. The core values are  :
Good humor
Spirit of adventure
Service to others

These core values are universal and there is a great decline in these values. That is why it is very important the education system put some attention in inculcating these core values in students, so that they can build a  great society. 

6. One of the thing with Value is that value is not biologically inherited, but one has to learn from his parents, books and his experiences in the society. But it is yet debatable whether there is any influence of genetics in his core values.The sense of values is the real influence on the activities, feelings, and thoughts of a person.


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