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Sunday, 22 December 2013

The obstacles in the path of being yourself by Jitu Das philosophy

 How to deal with  the obstacles in the path of being yourself
  • You gotta do just what your heart tells you to. By heart I mean the  subconscious  mind. There are many obstacles in the path of just being yourself. Sometime shyness and fear of what would people say ? 
  • Sometime your friends and family may say that you don't have the balls to do it. Some time you may get confused of who you are, what you need and want. Know that you are a version of yourself constantly developing or  non developing   depending on what you are doing and thinking now.
  •  Know that  your thoughts are the biggest  obstacles  in the path being yourself. If your thoughts are bad,filled with doubt,confusion,  jealousy, inferiority, depression, boredom, hopelessness or helplessness, fear then you are certainly not having a good mood. You can not have a good mood. I think that these bad thoughts come to you together, these bad thoughts are very strongly linked with each other. 
  • Whenever you get such bad moods, know that there is cause for everything. Maybe you didn't sleep well last night, that is why you are having a bad mood. When you don't sleep well at night, next day you are gonna wake up zombie, you have to carry your body, sluggishness,  headache, anxiety, restlessness they are symptoms of not sleeping or sleeping very late at night. You may think about sleeping late and waking up late, but waking up late next day won't help, the body works with a biological watch not with your digital watch. In the morning, the adrenal gland will release the cortin, to wake you up. That is why it is very very important that you sleep well   every night  to make your days very very productive.
  • Sometime people suffer both ways, they suffer when do not get what they want, they still suffer when they get what they want. It is because  until  you get what you really need you can not find satisfaction. Without satisfaction you are only going to suffer. Do you know that romantics use their sufferings into something beautiful. But the problem is that there are many people become sadist turning their life a sad story.
  •  You think that you can control your life. But do you want to control something is already beautiful ? It takes much more efforts at the wrong place to make life sad than it takes less efforts at the right place to make life beautiful.

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