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Saturday, 7 December 2013

The dream girl's love poems by Jitu Das love poems

                                                    151. LOVE POEMS BY Jitu Das

                                                            1. My ancient feeling   

Oh universe, there is a feeling within me, an ancient feeling that was born with me. 
This feeling has been always my dear, it lives in the middle my heart.
There is a feeling within, that always stays near, just like the sun in the... night.
This feeling whispers and never shout, may be it learned to be silent too

This feeling stays the same, I grow old everyday.
This feeling is not what I was supposed to feel !
My feelings tell me who I am and what I want 
and yet I do not trust my ancient feeling,
what make me to resist my own self ? 
Why is that we do not want to get what we need deep within ?
What is the reason one chose to suffer than love ?
Deep within me that feeling lies,
I can ignore but can not deny,
once in a while I feel the feeling to love and to be beloved too, I do not know why.

                                                       2. The dream girl's love

It is the power of true love, believe it my love,
there is a great power within love.
Once in a dream you came to me,
If I could only see you again, even if in a misty dream.
I can not remember your face anymore, as the days goes by, I will... be forgetting you soon.
Its 21st century, don't blame me, everybody is doing party
I am standing all alone in the doorway, 
should I find you or find anyone in the way.
Destination taking me away,
I am sitting in a train, travelling the world,
Look where the train took me, to the loneliest place in the world, to my heart.
How am I supposed to find a girl I once saw in a dream ?
In the sea of people, you must be my island.
I must rest, travelling all around the world, should I stop searching ?
That special dream among thousand forgotten, how am I supposed to find my dream !
My love, I can not go on no more, wish you were here to hold me now,
I am about to fall, I stand at the mountain Himalaya,
its cold, I am freezing,
Wish you were here to take me to hold and kiss.