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Saturday, 7 December 2013

How to stop worrying and start expressing yourself by Jitu Das

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Sometime you get sad, its okay if it is temporary. Our mood changes. Why ? There are many reasons why you feel sad just after an hour ago you were happy. I think that 
the main reason is fear. Fear of what ? We all have our own fear. 
What the biggest fear in life, it is fear of death. But most people are not worrying about that right now. What is the thing that they are afraid of ? It is the fear of uncertain future. So, what can you do to overcome this fear of uncertain future. You get a degree, get a job and then get married and have kids. But does that gonna make you fearless of future. Well, nothing can make you fearless of fear unless you start living your best in present, today with your friends, family and neighbour.

At some point in life, no one may believe you. Your parents, friends and teachers, relatives may doubt you. But my dear reader, you must never lose hope. There is always hope to be better, do better than yesterday.

In your soul you must have hope that one day you will find your dream. Right now it may seem all dusty. But know that you are already walking the road of life and the destiny is where you belong.

About 60 thousand thoughts come around a day. Thought exists in the neuron cell as an impulse. I think Thoughts are more in people who have so much interesting memories. Maybe that is why who reads books, watch movies, t.v., listen music think more. 
Thinking is what makes us human. But if you do not think good, it is called worry. The only way to stop worrying is doing the right thing( moral.)
Marry Curie, was a great inspiring woman who discovered radium with her husband Parie Curie. They were both great.
Marie Curie had to work as a servant girl but she never stopped following her passion.
Marie Curie said that there is nothing to fear in the world, only to understand. And that is a quote to live by.
The only way to prove that a thought exist is by expressing it by artistic, scientific way or in a normal conversation and with  smiles.

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