Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Why do your best by Jitu Das

Do your best, because, when you have to do, why waste your time doing it as a duty, and the work you would do as a duty, will not inspire others, you will get no credit for that. So,whenever you do a work, do it with love, care and dedication. Then everything you do, will be good and beautiful. You will be praised and respected. So, from today, start doing work, with a aim to enjoy the time while you do. Well, after you do a good work, you will feel satisfied. You will be happy by your work. The whole time will be amazing. So before doing any work, at first think about enjoying the work, don't think about getting over with the work. When you think about getting over with work, any work it could be, you will waste your time, enjoyment you could have find in the work, and the quality of the work. Also you could have been loved, praised, respected if you had thought enjoying the work. 
I believe, what we think, we feel, so if you think about enjoying a work, you will only see the good, easy and beautiful parts of the work.