Monday, May 13, 2013

English Life Quotes part 2 by Jitu Das

1.Don't fear the people, what they would say about you.

2. Don't live in a shape they want you to live. 

3. Don't behave the way, they think you behave.

4. Don't be a personality that others thinks right for you.

5. Fall in love, make friends with anyone you like, don't worry what would others think or talk about that. Because, when you are alone, they don't give a shit about you, now, you have found whon you love, why bother about what other's would think.

6. Most people when falls in love, worry too much what would the people talk ? Why worry that ? Does it even matter ? No, I don't think so. Why are you so shy ? You are afraid to ask out the person, because, you worry about your reputation, you worry about what the people would talk about this. Well, you can keep worrying that all your life. But, you will loose everyone, everything you wanted to have in your life, because in life, you were afraid to stand alooe, be who you are, act the way you are everywhere.

7. Stop changing your attitudes from person to person regarding their socio- economic status. Behave nicely not only with people who are rich and scholars, treat the begger and the fool nicely too. Behave everyone nicely.

8. Don't be afraid to show who you are. It is human urge to show who we are, through our work. Don't hide your work, show it by doing your work, works are for fun. Stop thinking what other's would think, do the work, you love to, and enjoy too. Let others think what they want. Why should you care ??

9. We think that the presents define our future. But, in reality future does not exist. So, stop worrying about future. If you have found the work you are born to, there is nothing to worry. You only need to do your work as much as you can. If you found it yet, keep searching, don't settle.


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