Friday, May 31, 2013

Deep poems about life ,Destiny of life,by Jitu Das life poems

 Hey life where are you going ?
Hey life take me where my heart is calling
hey life everything is changing
life you are a beautiful road and I only have to walk
Green fields are in both sides, oh nature so beautiful
I am walking this road all alone just by self
Oh dream you are so strange, where am I ?
In my dream there are thousand dream another
where  am I going  ? Should I keep walking ?
Or just go home.
Where will I meet my destiney
where will  I meet the girl of my dream
where is she ?
May be in her wonderland, she is waiting in a bridge over the lake near by mountain where leopards sings.
I am leaving the winter world, Springs is ahead
new leaves, new flowers are blooming
In a month or two ,there will be mangoes ripened
and I will find  heaven in my tongue.
You will be with me, we will eat mangoes,
we will run in the field, because of our tremendous joy.
We will sleep in the field of flowers,
we will make a home by the lake we met,
we will store food and gather wood for  winter...
 If we survive,we will walk again together hand in hand, because we still have a mountain to climb...

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