Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How deal with melancholia by Jitu Das

There is so many problems in the world, in your life. No one can understand but yourself, no one may heal your broken heart and hope. But, there is one thing that would heal you all your wounds and broken parts and that is the great mother nature. No human can love unconditionally as the nature loves. Everything you need comes from nature. Air to breath, water to drink and soil to stand upon, run along, Food to our hunger, cloths to save us from cold, shelter to save us from rain, winds and thunderstorm.

When everything in life seems to be in trouble, when sadness arises in your heart, when your heart gets tired of the problems of life, when you get overwhelmed by the negativity of life, just for a while, wait. Go to a silent place, sit down comfortably ,now take a deep breath, close your eyes. Let me whisper in your ear, that Life is just a ride. No need to worry about those things that are not in our hand. We are here to enjoy life and help others enjoy theirs. Death is not in our hand. But, while we are alive, why not appreciate these alive moment. Above all, being alive is all that matters.So,why don't we enjoy it. Cherries every moment and live like we are gonna die tomorrow.

One thing that is very important,you should keep in your mind that no one is perfect. We all think we are, but we are not. Many people blame others for lying, but in some point everybody lies. Not everyone is disciplined, its their nature. They just don't see the mess,which would make a disciplined person angry. But, how can you expect everyone to be like you. Each one has their bad parts and good parts. To live happily in a family, in a society, we must focus on the good parts of the people, and inspire them to improve their good qualities. Otherwise, you can blame other people, for their bad qualities, but good come out of it as a result. Nothing.
That is why,
Whenever you see only the negativity, sadness, pain and sickness, you must not let the negative thoughts break down the hopes for a better future. You must then, appreciate the nature, our planet earth, the sun gives light and warm, to which we revolve around. Feel that you are alive now.  Focus  on the brighter side of life and beauty that nature has given us, from air, water to soil, trees, grass and flowers, cold breeze, the clouds, the rain,  from  lake to river,seas to ocean, planktons to fish, fish to human, men and women. Everywhere there is good things to look at, to see it all, you just need appreciate it and say - I love life, I love the nature, I love the whole world.