Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Global warming and Human impact on nature by Jitu Das


Today  is one of the hottest day that gave all people discomfort. 2012 was the 2nd most warm year of the century after 2006. I wonder, if the days are this much hot in this month of May, what would happen in July and August. The increasing air pollution has caused this Global warming. Well, global warming is a natural cycle , and in 100000 years global warming occurs. The sad thing is that we are now living in global warming period and it generally lasts for 10- 20000 years. And after global warming there will global cooling. Global warming is a natural cycle and we are already livimg in the warm period. So,we are living in critical condition and we human are polluting air every day without ever caring. Isn't it foolish to make the world warmer. Well, the first world countries are polluting the world more than third world countries. The problem with those countries ard greed, arrogance and selfishness, who just wants to build an virtual world. I don't know where the humans are heading forward. No man can not progress, when there will be no rainforests, and when the artificial fertilizers would kill all the corals, fish and planktons of the sea. What the world has become ?

We must change ourselves to a purer state
not a polluted state. For that we must respect the world and mother nature. We should plant trees more. Endangered animals are should be conserved in National parks well. In Kaziranga of Assam, only where one horned rhinocros are found and is therefore a world heritage site. There are may be 2000 rhinoceros in Kaziranga, but they are getting hunted by the poachers every 2 to 3 month. The poachers are hardly ever getting caught even though all around Kaziranga there are security guards.

We would lose every beauty of nature only because of the ignorance of mankind. Some would say man can't impact on mother nature, we are too small for that. Well we human of 21st century, can impact on the whole world, because with our power of mind we are so advanced in the Biology, technology, chemistry and physics now than ever before. We can change change the characters of a plant by genetic engineering, we can clone life. There can be test tube babies. With the help of chemistry, we can create rain, when we want. Many countries now have nuclear power, if somehow some fools get to rule any country with a nuclear power, he might end the whole human race. Because, of the nuclear attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 6- 9 august of 1945 by USA, for many generations, there the babies were born death or crippled, there the corps are can't be cultivated. So, we can impact the world and every time we will be cutting our rainforest, everytime there will be war on earth, we would impact the world for bad.


The people are changing, the air is changing, the water is changing and the rain-forests are being cleared to make fields of crop. What is the future of mankind. The future seems both wonderful and frightening to me. Our behavior changed with technology we have invented and our physiologic too. The people are getting more fat, depressed,anxious and bored than ever and people have stopped to go to their neighbor's house. There is no big community, all people are busy, and are divided in small circles. There is no more curiosity to wander in the nature, because internet,TV has given the channels to watch nature in a television , mobile and computer screen. I was watching a show yesterday on discovery science where 3d virtual game makers are making a virtual world, where you can experience the world in our home, and you don't have to go out side your home in the real world. Well T.V., mobile, internet have already made us stay at home, we no longer travel than we used. My state Assam, has more farmers and cultivators, than those who do jobs. About 40 years, ago, in Assam, the cultivators would work in the summer and travel to their relatives in winter and come home in the time of reaping the corps. But, today, there is so much in your house,that you would not want to go out side in the warm days. I am not against the advancement of technology, but, if everything can be just found in your house, one day people might stop going outside of their house and I fear that might happen. Mankind is causing the Pollution of air, water, soil, sound and everything. We must as a human change, or the world will be so warm that a man could not bear. We can not control the world,the weather and nature, that is why we must reduce the air pollution, because the world is getting warmer everyday.

As every minute passes, we are entering in a new world than we were a minute ago. The change is so fast and we must think about it, not just keep running, we must slow down, and think about it all for a better future, where there would still be beautiful mornings, fresh air to breath and peace in our heart and mind.