Friday, May 31, 2013

Why People Commit Suicide ? By Jitu Das Pathsala

WHO( world health organization) published that 1,100 people commit suicide everyday in the world,which means that in every 1 second average 79 people kill themselves.
But,why such large number of people do not want to live ? Its a great question ? In America everyday a retired defence officer kill themselves. In china, everyday many girls commit suicide. According to our constitution of India committing suicide is a crime, and who try to do that, he is arrested immediately.

Three different real Suicide Stories  :- 
  •   A months,earlier I watched the news of wife who was just tired of her husband coming home late,wanted to blackmail her husband by pouring kerosene in her body and holding a lighter with a hand, but you know shit happens ! The lighter cause a accident and she dies very sadly that when I imagine that scene in my head I get very scared and feel sad. The wife I was talking about was a teacher in a college !  

  •  There is an another story.There was two man in a village, both have the same name Kamal and surname Roy.One was rich and the other was poor,and everything was going fine. But,one day,when the mailman went to give the ATM card to Kamal Roy,he makes a mistake which will lead to a sucide of the poor Kamal Roy. When he mistakenly give the ATM card to the poor Kamal,in his mind,greed plays a terrible game. For greed of money,he went to bank and somehow got the password and the security guard of the Atm helped him and he withdraws money. But,when the real Kamal, knew about withdrawal,he inquired to bank,and the security guard told the truth. And this rich Kamal asked poor Kamal,” double my money you withdrawed or otherwise I will call the police. Being afraid,he returned the money,but couldn’t afford give the double money. Fearing of cops,and humiliation, he commit suicide and the money he withdrawed was just 25,000 rupees.

  •  There is also another suicide story of last month which is  February . Its about a family,where the mother is a nurse, and the father works in forest department,in that family two children was there, a son and a daughter, the son is in a engineering college and his sister is on class 11,which means that her age is 18, and then last month she dies for she killed herself. Why ? No one knows ! Why would a girl of age 18,would hate her life so much ? People says that she died because she was in love with someone and he broke her heart.If she died for that kind of cause,I feel only sad and a little angry.

Embrace Life,Appreciate the beauty of the nature, and you will feel feel free, forgive who hurt you in the past, and you will light in your heart, forgive yourself too, if you have done any mistake in your past, think about this moment, dedicate your life to the service of mankind and nature and animals. ~ Jitu Das

  •  Life is so beautiful,such gift of universe,the beautiful world,nature surrounding us, the company of moon,the warmth and light of sun,the sky and the sparkling stars,the freshness of lake,river,waterfall,the vast oceans, the spirit uplifting sunrises,sunsets,day and night and the wonderful seasons spring,summer,autumn,winter. The trees,fruits and flowers, soon the mangoes will ripened and I will taste elixir on mouth. The animals,the birds,they  twitts all morning in the trees of my home yard and I come to senses and the birds keeps twitting to wake up and live this beautiful life. The butterflies are always flying in search of nectar,and I see many of them everyday,the fly like they are jumping in the air,as the deers jumps on Savannah,when they get excited and become happy. With these enormous beauty on planet earth,there is a immense amount of knowledge we can learn,can not learn everything though ! But,we should always read the books that gives us the knowledge how to live a good and a happy life. So,do not die. Live in this moment,for this moment will never be, except you have made a time machine.