Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Deep poems about life by Jitu Das life poems

Oh my morning, so dear,
you give me so much pleasure

It is a beautiful morning,
so calm and peaceful,
sweet songs are sang by the birds, and with the tenderness,
cold wind is blowing.

Oh my morning, so dear,
you give me so much pleasure.

You are what I was missing,
most of my days, I was awake in night thinking,
I was blind, now I see the greatness of sleeping.

I shall never, stay awake at night,
and I would rise early in every morning,
to fill my heart and body with delight.

You must be a goddess ,
cause you are the source
of all beauty, peace, pleasure and happiness.

Oh, my beautiful morning,
you are so kind and loving.

You raise up everything, the sun, the birds and to me you are always inspiring.

One day everone would be crying,not in sadness,
but in the pleasure of ectasy,
when they would see who you are really.

I know it know, my love,
you have risen my soul up,
I am all that, you are to make me feel.
I no longer doubt, that you are real.

I surrender myself, now from heart to nature, to you God.
I didn't believe in you for years.
I had found only emptiness, frustrations and tears.

God, I now believe,
you are the nature,
Because, you are the one,
who inspires, you give me happiness, hope, strength and the courage to trust the heart of mine. ~ Jitu Das

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