Monday, May 20, 2013

What is boredom and depression By Jitu Das

Who am I ?

Boredom is the feeling you feel, an emptiness, a melancholy feeling. Boredom is a negative feeling, boredom arises to a person, when he feels like there is nothing to do. Boredom is a feeling, when a man lose his interesting in the environment, he is living,in  most cases temporarily. Sometime, boredom may change man's personality and can make him a angry person, and then a depressed person,who is helpless to see the solution.

When you get bored ! What do you do ? Do you know why we get bored ? We get bored when we are out of new ideas. Everyday just the same, for students, everyday school, for those who works in office, they have to go to office and also in the right time, otherwise, the boss will scold and  shout. And for the house wives, after a busy morning, when her childrens have gone to school and her husband has gone to work, what she will do ? A long day, nothing much to work. Most watch those never-ending TV serials and get nothing worthwhile out of it. We get bored, when we don't have works to do, don't have new ideas to work upon. Most people watch t.v. when they have nothing much to do and this process goes on all their wife, because t.v. will bring new ideas,so you could think upon. That is good, but, what you think, after watching t.v. are other's idea. I am not saying that you should not watch T.V. and you shouldn't think about other's idea, its important to know other's work, but, if you keep watching other's work, when will do your own work, your work ? I am not talking about your job, you do everyday at office, I am not talking about study you do every day at school, college, I am talking about your hobby, what is going on with you in that hobby department, what do you love to do ? Are you doing something that makes you feel good about yourself, it could be learning a new language, a instrument or gardening. Whatever that makes you feel proud about yourself. If you are good at hobby, you may become a professional someday, who knows ? There are thousands of things you can do, all you need to do is find the work that bert fits for you. When you make a hobby, you never have to get bored anymore. 

 Boredom is very destructive. If you feel bored for a long time, you will start to feel angry about the boredom, then when there is no solution you see, you feel helpless and the depressed. 

What is depressing ? Depression is a rust in the soul, it makes your spirit fall, and you forget to laugh and then smile. The depression is because of the absence of two hormones, :- a. Serotonin, produced at day b. Melatonin, produced at night. 

To gain the balance of melatonin ,you must have sound sleep at night, so you can feel good and happy next day. If you don't sleep well at night, you must have a headache next day, not just that, not sleeping well, can create any addiction,which is often hard to get rid of. 

 So, 5 best way to be happy are : 

1. Sleeping early and sound. 

2. Do any work with love.

 3. Work on your hobby.

4. Talk with family and friends.

5. Make true love.